Musician and puppeteer from Argentina, Santiago Moreno develops his researches about One-man-band and exacerbated dissociation of the musician, in strong link with the principles of objects-handling necessary to the puppeteer.

He declines this specific work in several aspects

    - one for the street


    - and the other more intimate and experimental for venues (see here)



Concert for all ages - Durée : 30 mn - Création 2014


With over a dozen of instruments attached to his body by a network of wires and pulleys, this one man band knows how to keep his audience enthralled.

In this virtuoso solo, Santiago, the argentinian musician controls several percussions, a harmonica, a kazou and a bell counter, in addition to an amplified guitar and his voice.

The repertoire is a mix of original compositions and South American themes revisited in a very rhythmic and percussive way.



A very original concert that will please the eyes as the ears, the youngest as the eldest !

French version here

Spanish version here

11-13 mai : Segovia (Espagne)

Festival Titirimundi,


25 mai : ATH (Belgique)

Festival Sortilège


4 juin : Tourville la rivière (76)

Rue d'Tournée Art et Troc 


15-16 juillet : GAND (Belgique)

Festival Puppetbuskers - option


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By and with : Santiago Moreno



Intimacies of the ONE-MAN-BAND

Small puppet and music form - 35 mn - all ages


From fragile and careful preambles of a human-musicality (the one-man-hand) to the strong and rough character of the One-man-band, we are shown the different facets and many talents of the musician Santiago Moreno.

Small inventions and musical assemblies create little by little, in front of fascinated spectators, the complexity of One-man-band.



A playful and poetic moment where music and movement are inseparable.



20-21 mai : A Tarumba - Festival de marionnettes de Lisbonne PORTUGAL


2-5 juin :Tallinn Treff Festival, ESTONIE


16 juillet : Festival Récidives, Dives sur mer (14)


12-13 novembre : Festival Bronks, Bruxelles (Belgique) - option


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PHOTOS Les Intimités de l'Homme Orchestre
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By and With : Santiago Moreno

Regard Extérieur : Delphine Bardot